Quick notes: 

-Venezuelan Cinematographer based in Los Angeles. 


-American Film Institute (AFI) Alumn-2022.

-Available to work in both commercial and narrative formats.

-Clients: Oscar de La Renta, Discovery Channel, Neon 16, Sony music group

Not the spark notes: (more about who I am)

Shooting for me has always been about feeling. What does a story need aesthetically to achieve a feeling?  The look needs to be motivated, I think. That's one of the reasons I mainly prefer to shoot film. It allows me to take more chances- Trust more in my skills of observation and light understanding. Also artistically, I don't feel confined to a screen. One gets to understand reactions, and actions. Shooting becomes more organic. Growing up in Caracas- Venezuela, a gorgeous yet chaotic city, made me understand beauty in a dark way. I saw things I wish I never did. I was raised in a communist dictatorship. Exposed to the manipulative nature of humans from an early age. This made me reject authority.It forced me to search for a different way to look at things. 

After leaving Venezuela by myself at age fifteen I arrived in Toronto, Canada. A magical place, dark and cool.My creativity was nurtured by the city, embraced almost. I think my style is heavily influenced by my time here. I had never lived in a place where you could walk around the streets past 12pm and not have to look over your shoulder.  I attended the OCAD University where I got a bachelors of design with a minor in photography. While in school I worked as a dishwasher and later as a cook, that was where I had my real education-I was working with pirates. Hot fire, 17 hour days, knifes and rude language. I was enchanted by this world. I found it beautiful. It was not until later that I discovered film. A place where all my experiences could serve as inspiration. A place where they could all live together.

After that I worked in advertising, Weiden and Kennedy, and Leo Burnett, this was short lived. Soon after  I started shooting stills-and motion, mainly for fashion and music.I got the chance to work with some amazing artists within the latin community,  I then joined the American Film Institute in the cinematography department,  to further my knowledge and understanding of narrative filmmaking techniques.

I'm always looking for new people to collaborate with-shoot me an email, or give me a call. 

  When I'm not shooting, I'm skating around the city trying to find cool things to look at

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